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Hi  guys! I'm Maria Soendergaard, a trained esthetician with a strong passion and belief in creating handcrafted, vegan, cruelty free and palm free skin care, and I happen to be the founder of Mark My Roots Soap Co.!

Residing in Florida where I run my american soap company  Palm Coast Soaps, finding the right partner for the European market was crucial.

I found her!

Louise Von Folsach is not only a creative soul with like minded beliefs & morals, but a specially trained intensive care nurse, who for many years has worked with skin diseases and burns, amongst other issues. Her incredible knowledge & passion is a big asset to Mark My Roots Soap Co!  We have known each other since 1994, and just last year in 2019, we teamed up!  

What we “feed” our skin matters, but it certainly also matters that no animals were harmed or used in the process.

Why palm free too? Because we don’t want to be contributing to the destruction of the orangutans habitats. 

No animal products or byproducts.

No animals testing.

No palm oil.


So in addition to leaving your skin feeling perfectly cleansed, nurtured and moisturized, our handmade products leave you with a clear conscience too.



Made with love, everything we do is ‘for you, by hand’.

🌿 100% VEGAN 

All of our products are vegan. Nothing derived from animals here!


Exclusive and unique products that are carefully handcrafted for all our clients.


NONE, and that means absolutely 0, of our products are tested on animals before being made available to the public.



We chose not to include palm oil in our recipes, for environmentally conscious reasons, as we do not believe in destroying the habitat of already endangered species.